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Clarke’s Movers provide a wide array of cleaning services and that includes top-notch upholstery cleaning London. We understand this need is even rampant in many households besides the cleaning requirements needed for the maintenance of rugs and carpets.

We provide Upholstery Cleaning Services in all areas. Our professional upholstery cleaners are well-trained to carry out the highest-quality upholstery cleaning and we, being a professional upholstery cleaner London, can ensure you that your furniture is in the safe hands of an expert.


Why should you Choose Our Expert Upholstery Cleaners?

  • You have to know that 85% of our customers are gathered on the basis of word of mouth.
  • Our cleaning service would definitely expand the lifespan of your sofas, couches, and other upholstery by removing the dirt, dust, allergens, bacteria, and other particles that can wear out the fibres.
  • We guarantee you that our team of professionals is acquainted with all systems and methods of cleaning, which can make certain that your leather furniture & upholstery is cleaned thoroughly without causing any damage.
  • Beside from dry cleaning and steam cleaning, we also offer pest treatment, stain protection, and other add-ons.
  • We are enough confident to tell you that our expert cleaners can remove all the allergens, germs, and pests that settle in your furniture pieces. This would simply facilitate people who are suffering from allergies and asthma.

Type of Upholstery We Clean

Couch Cleaning:

We’re proud to deliver our commercial and residential clients a highly effective couch cleaning service. Our technicians have been trained to work with all types of material including cotton, wool, tapestry, synthetic fibres, & leather couch.

Sofa Cleaning:

No matter whether you have a leather or suede sofa, we clean it. Our technicians have the needed experience, expertise, and the necessary products and machines to treat it for outstanding results. Our team uses either dry treatment or steam cleaning procedure to remove all the trapped dirt, unpleasant agents, and oil off your upholstered furniture.

Mattress Cleaning:

Clarke’s Removals take care of your mattress too. We offer professional cleaning for it. Eliminating blemishes or unpleasant stains is an important part of your job too. You can rest assured that with our quality mattress cleaning service your bed would smell fresh, look clean.

As we are a professional upholstery cleaning company, so we value your money. Hence, we offer economical cleaning rates that would be easier or you to afford. So, now enjoy the advantages of clean furnishings, call us today on 07776777215 or go to our online booking form.


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